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Setup Infrastructure

If one wants to open a college and school, certain points to be pondered like the target group, affiliation, state-of-art infrastructure to facilitate age-appropriate teaching learning process, provision of learning spaces, hiring of best and competitive staff, establish institutional policies, procedures to track student progress and ensure students are highly accessible to high quality college and school technology and supplies which need to be accomplished in a time frame. For an entrepreneur it could be cumbersome, challenging and overwhelming. If driven in proper direction it is going to be recurring resource generating, otherwise its going to be disastrous Our Experts from ITISolution college, college and school anywhere in India. It also assists in various aspects like curriculums, no of grades and different boards of affiliation includes ITI, MCI, AICTE, State, CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE & IB Boards. Our network of partners, college and school consultants and team operating in close connection, create immense value by reducing implementation time thereby delivering speedy and desired outcomes-appropriate

Concept of Project Startup Guidance to Start a College and school in India

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    ITI Solution has considerable experience and provide guidance in

    Identifying right place includes catchment and feasibility to start a college and school

    Detailed project report

    Architecture & Design to fit in the budget of the client

    Market survey to identify the socio-economic status of the target group

    Brand Promotion

    Supporting the college, college and school in succeeding the admission targets

    Setting up Policies, Statutory Compliance and Procedure for due diligence of functioning of the college, college and school

    Supporting in Affiliation, Budgeting and Finance

    Set up State of the art infrastructure through quality College, College and school Supplies & Materials

    Identifying and engaging the college, college and school with best staff through recruitment and training

    Collaborating with National and International Experts and Organizations


Starting a college and school is a significant and large-scale business venture. Every college and school has its own curriculum that is affiliated to one of the education boards is one of the oldest, well-known, and well-established boards in the Indian education system. Complete Guidance Through Understanding The Plan & Preparing The Setup Accordingly Guidance For college and college and school Lab Setup Guidance For Online Application Guidance For Trade Selection Guidance For Affiliation Guidance For Accreditation college and college and school Affiliation Procedure Complete Guide To Documentation Supply Of college and college and school Tools & Machines Supply Of Computers For IT Labs Supply Of Library Books college and college and school Website Design As Per Norms Complete Guidance For Re-Affiliation Complete Guidance For Rejected Cases Supply Of Manpower To New college and school Consultation After Affiliation

Different steps to be followed to start a college and school are as mentioned below

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    The Scope of work undertaken under the consultancy services as follows:

    To understand overall model/concept of college and school

    To understand the role of AICTE /MCI/DGET/NCVT/State Directorate at present system.

    Developing infrastructure as per norms

    Arrangement of documents as per the requirements of norms

    Preparation, Verification and auditing of all documents.

    Online apply of form at website.

    Settlement of all observations arise during Desktop assessment by Observation during

    site visit by Team. Settle of observation arises by AICTE /MCI/DGE&T/NCVT.

    Preparation and guidelines for site visit of AICTE /MCI/DGE&T/NCVT. Team

    Inspection complete file preparation according to Govt of India (AICTE /MCI/DGE&T/NCVT) Site visit

    Focus on in time completion of project

    Targeting for getting affiliation in very less time.

    Various legal and financial issues related to college and school

    Guidelines for proper administration and management of college and school after affiliation

Establishing a College and School

Based on the type of college and school, it would take at least 8 months to 2 years. A project team is formed, recruited and stationed on the site of promoters. Experts from ITISolution work with the business promoters, marketing and academic teams recruited by the promoters. With joint collaboration, time lines are framed for the launch of college and school. At this juncture, the promoter should bear in mind fastening the implementation process with limited resources can lower the quality of output. Hence the promoter is advised to dedicate their time and resources as desired or mentioned in the project proposal. The expert team of ITISolution would work on the following for the launch:

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    Statutory/Legal Approvals :

    Guidance is provided for necessary documentation to seek approvals from local bodies/authorities, education department, State Government. State, AICTE /MCI/CBSE,ICSE,IGCSE & IB Boards as well for affiliation.

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    College and school Plan & Design:

    Site master plan, college and school architecture and services design

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    Academic Centers Set Up

    Conceptualizing and setting up centers like Lab, Library, Grounds, etc

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    Curricular, Co-Curricular & Extra Curricular programs :

    Planning and Implementation to suit the needs of 21st Century.

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    Recruit Teachers & Staff :

    Teaching, non-teaching and administrative.

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    Establish Policies :

    Preparing documents of policies as a handbook

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    Capacity Building :

    Skill development & training programs for all the stake holders

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    Education Resources

    Assist in purchase of college and school supplies & materials like classroom furniture, uniforms, smart boards, education aid, etc.

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    Technology based learning :

    Suggest and establish high quality digital content in the college and school.

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    College and school Transportation :

    Suggest vendors for transportation, establish transportation, child safety and security procedures, support in recruiting drivers, cleaners & attendants, make route plans

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    Brand Visibility :

    Creating vision and positioning strategy, identity design, create website and establish brand campaign to educate, engage and influence parents and students.

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    Marketing college and school programs :

    Develop content, design marketing strategies and establish promotional strategies

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    Admissions process :

    Make alternative best marketing plans, training marketing and counselors, coordinate enquiries to make sure that those are converted into enrolments.

Manage a New College and school

ITI Solution had the privilege of managing college and schools to deliver quality learning outcomes as per the desire of promoter. Such occasion occurs when the promoter faces challenges in enrolling students, achieving the desired learning outcomes and effective operations within stipulated budget and timelines. A college and school head is backed up by the team members from ITISolution to assist in day to day college and school transactions as per the timelines set mutually.

ITISolution had the privilege of managing college and schools to deliver quality learning outcomes as per the desire of promoter

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    Academic Consultants :

    Plan strategies and provide guidance to achieve the operational goals and milestones mutually agreed upon

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    College and school Management Systems and Procedures

    Coin policies for operations, procedures, technology based communication and reporting system and assist in implementation.

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    Academics Support :

    The college and school shall be supported continuously to all the staff in following the rules of the board. Support the college and school with the best manpower support as per the requirement. Set targets for institution road map and curriculum benchmark

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    Development of Learning Centers

    Provide assistance in up gradation or set up of learning centers like labs, library, play courts, etc.


Gaining insight into why parents choose your college and school provides you with essential information to devise marketing strategies that identify and embrace the qualities of the future students you would like to attract. This survey examines the effectiveness of communication and promotional strategies between the college and college and school and parents, parents’ vision of the college and school, and enables the identification of the most important educational outcomes to parents. In addition, the survey focuses on parents’ perceptions of college and school events. This information will assist in facilitating future marketing campaigns and in defining the messages that the college and school should be communicating to the families of prospective students.


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    Parent Opinion Survey

    Parental satisfaction with their children’s college and school is an important issue in today’s competitive educational environment. Research has been demonstrated that parental satisfaction is strongly correlated with student engagement and achievement and that it is in part dependent on the ethos and values conveyed by the college and school, the quality of the leadership and management, the behavior and well-being of students and the handling of pertinent issues including bullying and harassment.

    However, college and school leaders rarely have a deeper understanding of the exact areas of concern and are often perplexed when they are required to take proactive and targeted action to improve parental satisfaction. The information gained from this survey assists college and school management to plan appropriate interventions, continue delivering and supporting services that contribute to parental satisfaction while addressing areas of concern

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    Student Opinion Survey

    It is important to ensure that students have access to quality education and that they are satisfied with the education and other services they are receiving from their college and school. Students who have a positive view of college and school are more motivated and display higher levels of engagement and achievement than those who are not satisfied with college and school. The measurement of student satisfaction is useful to assist college and school management identify strengths and to determine areas for improvement. Students’ perceptions of their college and school are valuable as they have knowledge and ability to offer constructive feedback about ways to improve their educational environment. The information gained from this survey assists college and school management to plan appropriate interventions, continue delivering and supporting services that contribute to student satisfaction while addressing areas of concern

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    Exiting Student Survey

    Former students hold valuable insights into the success of their college and college and school’s operations and whilst, it is imperative that their opinions and recommendations are considered to proactively plan for the college and school’s future, their feedback is rarely collated in a meaningful and useable manner. Former students’ perceptions of their college and school are valuable in assessing the college and college and school’s operations and a key consideration in the development of the implementation and sustainability of a high quality education. The information gained from this survey assists college and school management to understand whether the academic environment in students’ final years is contributing to students’ successful transition to life after college and school. It also analyses how successful your college and school is in facilitating students’ participation and performance in subsequent education and in the workforce.

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    Guidance and Support

    college and College and school Environment

    Teacher Quality

    college and College and school Curriculum

    Learning Environment

    Personal Development

    Student Behavioral Values

    Technology and Resources

    Student Relationships

    Parent Communication

    Leadership and Management

    Relationship and Communication



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