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Established An Organization:- Year 1998

Founder and Mentor:- Viresh singh chauhan

Educational Qualifications- MBA

Working Area:- PAN India

Class Registered:- 41

Consultancy Model:-

1) 1:-ITI College opening 2:-ITI college Re-affiliation3:-Addition of Trades4:- Units in Existing Institute 5:-Change Management 6:-Change in Email ID/ Registered mobile no7;-Change in Name of Institution 8:-Change in Address of the Institution 9:-Change in Ownership of the ITI10:-Renewal of Affiliation11:-Process for de-affiliation12:-De-affiliation/ Closure of Institute/ Surrender of Unit(s)/ Trade(s)13:-De-affiliation case complaint(s) is raised by any individual against an ITI 14:-Grievance RedressalCommittee–Affiliation/De-affiliation

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ITI Solutions Consultancy is a team of ITI Consultant who guides you to start a new ITI Industrial Training Institute approved by DGET, NCVT, ITI Affiliation. ITI Solutions Consultancy services provide 100% assurance for opening a new ITI with maximum trades and units in the minimum required space and other resources. We follow the latest Norms issued by NCVT and DGET so that your first site visit inspection will be successful. ITI Consultancy services have experience of opening 1450 plus ITI within 28 years with extreme customer satisfaction. Our services will lead you to save time & money. We value your dreams, and our guidance will allow you to let them come true. We offer a complete solution for opening / Starting a new ITI College. ITI Solution consultancy Open New ITI College will lead you to complete the roadmap of open new ITI Affiliation College. we assure you to return the high value of your investment within minimum expenses. ITI Solution consultancy guide you as per the latest norms of NCVT You need not bother about anything small or big related to ITI College Affiliation. Our consultancy is an umbrella of services.


=====Accreditation and Affiliation Process=====

The respective State Govt/UT will give an advertisement, at least six months in advance for the session being sought, for inviting applications. It is mandatory for an applicant to seek NOC (as per the defined process of respective State Govt./ UT) and submit an application on the ONLINE affiliation portal in line with the affiliation guidelines/ norms. It should be noted that applications received from unserved block/block with low ITI concentration shall be given preference. The applications will be processed on a first come first serve basis. An audit trail shall be available for verifying the date and time of application submitted by applicants. The applicant shall pay the requisite fee for the processing of the application and physical inspection.. The different stages involved in the accreditation process have been presented in a flowchart in this document for better understanding. The procedure for different stages has also been described in detail in this document.

=====Stage I- Application Assessment=====

As part of this stage, the State Govt will scrutinize the applications received to ensure credentials of applicants like Institute details, Organization details, Authorized persons’ details, Trade/ Unit details, Location details, Category of application, land details, etc. State Directorate would review the applications from the point of view of the requirement of an ITI at the proposed location as well as the requirement of Trades/Units proposed by the applicant.. At the completion of stage I, State Govt will arrange geotagging of the proposed location and issue a Stage-I Letter of Intent (LoI) to the applicant for proceeding to the next stage. The detailed process is explained in figure and tables, as provided below:

=====Stage II-Civil Infrastructure Assessment=====

After completion of civil infrastructure, the applicant will update data on The State Directorate will carry out Desktop Assessment as per the latest DGT norms. After the successful completion of the assessment, system-generated LOI will be issued to the applicant for Stage 3 Applicant shall upload documents on web portal like Approved Building Plan, Documents showing ownership of Plot and Building or Registered lease Deed, Resolution by the applicant as mentioned in Annexure 2 as per latest DGT norms1 The applicant has to apply for Stage II within 1 year of issue of LoI for Stage II. In case of non-submission within 1 year, this timeline may be extended by another year, provided the approved building plan is submitted within 1 year from the issuance of LoI. Provided it is complying with the prevailing Byelaws and DGT norms in the extended year. In case of non- updation of civil infrastructure details by the applicant within the timelines, the application shall be deemed rejected and the applicant needs to register as a fresh application.

=====Stage III-Final Scrutiny=====

The applicant has to apply for Stage III within 6 calendar months of issuance of LoI for Stage III. In the case where new norms have been issued, new norms will be applicable for applications wherein details have not been submitted by the applicant within 6 months from the issue of LoI. In this case, the applicant has to submit the final details within one year of the issue of LoI for Stage III. Otherwise, the application will be rejected and the applicant needs to register as a fresh application. In case of non-submission of clarification about NCs raised within the timelines, the application shall be deemed rejected. Regarding conversion of SCVT trades into NCVT trades in Private ITIs, the following procedures will have to the adopted by all States/UTs: The respective State Directorate will conduct a preliminary inspection of private ITIs who are willing to convert from SCVT trades to NCVET trades. After scrutiny of the Preliminary Inspection Report (PIR). ITIs fulfilling DGT norms will be forwarded to DGT. Inspections of these ITIs will be carried out through Standing Committee Inspection. The Recommendation Committee DGT-Affiliation, after verification of the Joint Inspection reports, would consider the conversion of trades under SCVT into NCVET and grant affiliation accordingly.

=====Final Stage: Inspection and Issuance of Letter of Affiliation=====

Final inspection shall be carried out by a four-member committee as per the following composition.One member from DGT: Not bellow the rank of Group “A/B” Gazetted Officer One member from respective State Govt (SCVT): Not below the rank of Gazetted Officer One member from Engineering college/Polytechnic who should be technically qualified VIZ. Workshop Superintendent/Lecturer.One member from the employer (Industry/Chamber of commerce /Industries Dept.) Final inspection shall be carried out by the team and inspect all the requirements in totality. The team shall verify all the documents related to trust/society/firm/company etc, land, approved building plan, building completion, purchase order of all major m/c, the appointment of principal, and authenticate a copy for onward transmission to DGT. Based upon inspection, the team shall prepare recommendations in prescribed proforma. State Directorate shall submit the accreditation report to DGT Headquarters (HQ) for grant of affiliation by DGT to consider the case. The accreditation report shall comprise of geotagged, time-stamped photos, and videography of the site visits, all approved documents, and affidavits as per formats mentioned in detailed procedural norms, duly endorsed by the Principal Secretary of State Government department who is looking after the Craftsman Training Scheme (CTS). Applicants shall upload staff details after completing the accreditation process and before the grant of affiliation.


ITI shall comply with all the latest DGT norms. In case of any violation, appropriate action shall be initiated. Apart from affiliation norms of DGT, ITIs shall follow all existing statutes/ provisions (related to ITIs) in that particular State/ UT. The ITIs shall also adhere to the latest notifications/ orders/ policies of the Central Government/ State Government. Where local building bye-laws are not available, the National Building Code (NBC) of India shall be applicable. The norms prescribed in this manual are only illustrative in nature; it has to be ensured that all safety norms shall be adhered to. It has to be ensured that the overall aesthetic sense of the building/ plot is maintained. The civil structures shall be environment friendly and suitable for differently-abled individuals. Ramp to be provided at the main entrance and other places, wherever necessary.Civil Norms for the establishment of ITIs The minimum area of the dedicated plot and land shall be as listed below ITI with maximum 4 trades and a maximum up to units will be 4291.4 sq. meter i.e. approx. 1.07 acres. for anywhere in India, 0.64 acres for metro cities in India, and 0.64 acres for North Eastern States and States of Jammu & Kashmir ITI with maximum 6 trades and maximum up to 18 units will be 6802.4 sq. meter i.e. approx. 1.7 acres. The ITI should preferably be constructed as an integrated building or in 2 parts separated by not more than 1km. Plot and building which has registered live lease should have minimum period of 03 years*. In urban areas where higher Floor Area Ratio (FAR)/ Floor space index (FSI) limits are permitted, the requirement of plot area may vary proportionately.

Note:-Maximum days of timeline 45 calendar days (Ideal timelines 30 days)

Affiliation Requirements


First Step


YOU Must have the place and passion for opening a College and make it a successful institution.
Second Step


WE will help you in understanding the essential factors about having a brand name or College (with academic or marketing team).
Third Step


WE will support you continuously in the setup of your College on your land.
Fourth Step


WE will assist you with all necessary suggestion to run your College successfully.
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Concept of Project Startup Guidance to Start a ITI College in India

  • 1
    Leading Top Position in Affiliation Consultancy

    Since 1998 we are the top Affiliation Consultancy for Accreditation & Affiliation of a new ITI. What sets us apart from the competition is that we’re passionate about the services we provide and the quality of our customer support system.

  • 2
    Serve Everywhere in India

    With the aim of serving the whole nation, our consultants reach all places in India; whether you plan to project your ITI in urban, rural, or in remote areas. We have a better strategy to serve in the rural and remote place with an energetic expert team.

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    Team of multi-skilled Technical expert & consultants

    Offer you multi-skill experts with the right skills, approachable and professional team comprised of Civil Architect, IT experts, Educationist, Project Analyst, workshop technician experts efficiently shape your dream project.

  • 4
    Prepare Detailed Project Plan (DPR) for starting a new ITI

    Reliable and feasible Project Plan cover all facts like a budget plan, Infrastructure report, Phase wise financial requirement, Activity chart, land and building facilities, Manpower requirement, estimated machine cost, state permission, etc.

  • 5
    Dedicated Customer Service

    Our personal attention to each ITI project makes us different to others. We always maintain our performance standards and commitment to excellent support. Your ITI College location will not matter to us. Our expert’s frequent visits, communication approach makes your project easy going.

  • 6
    Daily Progress report to ITI Owner

    Update daily on application status, intimate further steps needed in document procedure. Our technical experts prepare a daily progress report include both side leads and send it to the owner by email, video. It helps us to build a better communication bridge.

  • 7
    Proven Track record of 1450+ ITI Affiliation

    As India’s oldest ITI affiliation consultancy, we have a proven track record of 1450 Affiliated ITI list from all states of the nation. Most of the ITI of them are located in rural and remote areas. Each year, most of the new clients come from existing client referrals

  • 8
    All services at one place

    Starting services from Society/Trust/Companies formation, Detail Project Plan, ITI building layout Map design, State NOC permission, Full documentation, Online File Apply, Tools Machinery supply, Library books supply, workshop installation to Inspection support experts, these all services are under a single roof.

  • 9
    100% Time-bound ITI Affiliation

    Strategic planning by dividing the whole procedure into small tasks helps a lot to complete the project timely. Our consulting approach gives 100% assurance to our clients for timely Accreditation and Affiliation of proposed ITI.

  • 10
    Academic Support- After Affiliation

    ITI Affiliation consultancy designed a Common platform for students, ITI, and industries. This portal helps students to choose ITI according to their preference. Also, this portal linked with various small, medium, and large scale industries to call trainees for recruitment.

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