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Established An Organization:- Year 1998

Founder and Mentor:- Er. Rajeev Mishra

Educational Qualifications- B.E. MBA, PHD

Working Area:- PAN INDIA

Class Registered:- 41

Consultancy Model:-

1) Nursing College

2) Anm College

3) GnmCollege

4) Bsc Nursing College

Four Pillars of ITI-Solution in Pan India

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How helps you Start Your Dream Project & Established its Successfully

Nursing/Anm/Gnm/Bsc Nursing CollegeWe provide guidance and Consultancy for educational institutions for obtaining the Recognition for setting up the New Nursing Institution.ITI Solution is a highly reputed and recognized web portal of India where the No.1 brands of Accreditation and Affiliation have been knitted together and provided here on this portal. Our job is to promote education. We are working for the last 28 years spread of education. We have a very strong team of highly qualified, experienced people in all cadre of education to support us and provide you with the best solution to your query. why choose We work as per the need of the present scenario and as per the demand of the client

Description is Complete assistance in the establishment & operating of Nursing, etc. colleges with total assistance in seeking Approvals/ Affiliations from different bodies such as Delhi/AICTE, Delhi/ PCI, Delhi/INC Consultancy, , different universities Indian firm which offers comprehensive academic and administrative solution to colleges which want to match up with existing global standards. Supported by a team of highly experienced professionals who are adept in planning, setting and operating new nursing colleges, pharmacy across India with an enviable track record. Our expertise enables us to handle every field of education right from procurement of stationery to issues like getting regular approvals. We are an exclusive platform using which you can look for educational real estate in any part of India. Since our inception, we have handled numerous sale, purchase and takeover of educational property and created a favorable image in the minds of our clients through sincerity, smooth documentation at their favorable budget and location. We provide customized solutions according to client needs so they can enter a professionally viable business deal and create a credible image across the country. We perform an analytical research to create ideas and execute each stage of service in an organized manner. So far, we have handled clients from different parts of the country like, pan india with our focused approach and made a name for ourselves through our abilities and effectiveness. ITIsolutions Consultants also conducts motivational sessions which inspire numerous parents, teachers with a positive approach towards their life and the work that they do. We also ensure flawless perfection in areas such as training of schools colleges staff, seminary and workshop for staff, purchase of various project colleges supplies. What makes our consultancy services stand out is the fact that we have a vibrant work environment in which business strategy and technology merge. Therefore, we have created our own niche as a leading consultant in the industry.

What is norms of opening new Nurisng/Anm/Gnm/Bsc nursing College.

1. The applicant Society/Trust must be 3 years old.

2. Land – min. 3 acre

3. Building For B.Sc. (N) only – 23720 Sq ft. For GNM only – 20000 Sq. ft For B.Sc+GNM – 26320 Sq.ft. Amenities area – Extra

4. Hospital: Own in the name of Society/Trust, min. 100 beds

5. Hostel – own or rented, 30750 sq. ft

6. Faculty – Teaching and Non-Teaching, as per norms of Indian Nursing Council

Affiliation Requirements


First Step


YOU Must have the place and passion for opening a College and make it a successful institution.
Second Step


WE will help you in understanding the essential factors about having a brand name or College (with academic or marketing team).
Third Step


WE will support you continuously in the setup of your College on your land.
Fourth Step


WE will assist you with all necessary suggestion to run your College successfully.
We Bring You

What do you
want to


  • 1
    1. Complete guidance as per INC and UPSMF Norms

    2. Helping in infrastructure development

    3. Can design Building for you but construction part will be yours

    4. Assisting in set-up of Hospital and College

    5. Helping in Affiliation Process – under your supervision

    6. Providing with all latest guidelines and norms of Central and State Government, time to time.

    7. Assisting in purchasing

    8. Assisting in recruitment

    10. Assisting during all Inspections

    11. Assisting in running the Institute after obtaining permission for a year (as per MoU)

    12. All correspondences will be done by us under your supervision

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Bhopal (M.P.)

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+91 9713009976

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Email: [email protected]